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GPS Devices Features


Realtime Tracking

At any time or from any location you can track live realtime location of your vehicle in our mobile app map with traffic updates using our GPS tracking software.

Ignition On/Of Alert

Everytime when your vehicle ignition started or stopped by you or someone else you will get instant realtime push notification that can be configured for specified hours on your mobile.

Stop/Start by App

This feature is one of the most amazing and the wonderful features of the GPS vehicle tracking system from which you can stop your vehicle via mobile app & can prevent theft.

Panic Button

At the time of emergency you can make use of panic button to inform your loved once that your are in trouble


Make Geo-fences, whenever your vehicle enter the fence and leave the fence you we will get instant alerts.

Geographical Reports

Having many vehicle then you can get graphical report of your all vehicle to avoid lengthy text records.

History Log

Our GPS vehicle tracking software keeps track of past 90 days history replay record of your vehicle that can be viewed on mobile app & desktop.

Theft Alert

If someone tries to stolen your vehicle then you can immobilize your vehicle to prevent theft.

Ac On/Of Alert

Get your vehicle air conditioner usage report to prevent misuse by drivers.

Customer Says

  • My daughter works in an MNC. She often comes late from work. Samar GPS has made me worry less as now I can know whereabouts of my daughter and know that she is safe. Samar East GPS gives me her real-time location.

    Ravi Singh

  • My wife is a Professor. We both are working and sometimes she gets late so I get worried about her safety. Samar GPS keeps me connected to my wife throughout her journey and I am more relaxed now .

    Shashikant Verma

  • I have used the Samar GPS device. I had some family issues and had to send my 7-year old son alone with my driver. Being able to track them every minute on my phone was a bliss. Now I have it in my both the cars.

    Abhinav Mishra

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